Amaze Yourself – Design and Build Your Own Backyard Retreat

Your garden should be a place where you can relax, relax and escape your daily worries. Hiring a professional landscape design company can be expensive and is simply not an option for many people. So what do you do? If you are a relatively practical person, do it yourself. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with your own resources to create a beautiful backyard tradition.

Think of your farm as a functional space instead of an empty part. Essentially, it is like an extension of your house with potentially many rooms. Visualize how you see yourself spending time in your garden.

Questions you should ask yourself are: do you want to have friends and family, you have children and need a play area, you have dogs and need space to run freely, you want a water function etc. Water drainage is important so you must assess your farm's rating. If the grade is a problem, advice is recommended by a professional. You must also note the light and soil conditions in your farm before you buy your plants.

If you find it difficult to come up with design ideas, go in a row and look for local landscape design companies. Most companies have pictures of their work. It is a great way to be inspired and to trigger ideas about what you can do in your garden. Or you can simply go to the library or bookstore. There are hundreds of books available on landscape design ideas.

Once you have decided what you want to do with your space, take measurements on your farm and put them on paper to the scale. On paper circulate selected areas such as dining area, playground, garden, lounging area etc. Note, measurements on paper can be very tricky even though they should scale. I suggest using something like a water hose or rope and putting them down on your yard to map our "rooms" before digging. This will ensure that you have allocated enough space for each area. A common mistake makes the dining area too small so be sure to give enough space to walk around the table with guests sitting in their chairs. I would also recommend coming with at least two or three different design ideas. Get a feel for how each design works before you choose your final design.

For walkways, natural random stones are a good choice. If your budget doesn't allow natural stone, you might want to consider Unilock pavers. They are cheaper than natural stone and are available at retail. Also note that a walkway does not have to be a straight line. A curved walkway provides increased interest in a space and allows your eye to walk more freely.

If you are interested in building a tire, you can choose between cedar wood, pine or artificial wood such as Trex. Trex tires are enviro-friendly and are made of recycled plastic and recycled wood. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and this product will not be rotated or shared as natural wood.

Before you start digging, don't forget to call your local tool company. They will ensure that you do not dig near water pipes or gas pipelines. When you are ready to dig, start with your hardscaping. This means patio, deck area and walkways. If you need an electrical wiring for an irrigation and / or lighting system, it must be installed first.

Landscape lighting is crucial if you want to create an atmosphere for you and your guests. If you cannot install an electrical cord to your yard, sunlight is a good solution and is also available in headlights for your ornamental plants or shrubs. It is very important that your sunlight is placed in an area where there is plenty of sunlight or your light will be dampened very early in the evening.

Once you have completed your hardscaping, you are now ready for planting. Start with larger trees and shrubs. Be sure to include perennials and then finish with one year. Vintages help fill in nude spots and add an increase in color throughout the summer. Place natural stones through your garden and then put off with mulch. When placing stones in your garden, place them in the soil to create a more natural environment. If you are unsure what types of plants are to be used, visit your local nursery. Most nurseries will be able to recommend plants for your soil and lighting conditions. Larger nurseries can also offer design services. There is also a wealth of information on plants in a row, so do some research to determine what types of plants you want. Don't forget to include evergreens in your choice of plants. They are easy to care for are good for winter interests.

There is no denial that your own landscape design will require research and hard work, but the hours of enjoyment and thousands of dollars you can save will do too much!

Visit my blog for an example of a before and after conversion.